Horoscope Analysis


Generally people are excited to know important events of their life.If you are interested to know your future, we offer "Detailed Life Astrology Report"(Life Horoscope Predictions) which is prepared on the basis of your birth chart. Birth chart is generated as per date, time and place of your birth.

  • An astrological Detailed Life Reading mostly covers two main aspects of your life

    Detail of all important events of your life. Our expert astrologers will provide you detail infomation about all main events of your life with timings of their happening. This includes the following:

  • This is a comprehensive report of "Detailed Life Astrology Report". This explains various aspects of your life with forecasts as below:

Description of the following areas of life :

  •   Characteristics, physical features, Your personality, personality traits and basic strength of your horoscope.
  •   Money matters like income sources, magnitude of success, success in investments
  •   Career, Education, Business, Partnerships, property luck, Unearned wealth.
  •   Debt, Health, competition, enemies.
  •   Love / Romance / Marriage / Children.
  •   Expenditure, Losses and events that are beyond your control.