Medical Astrology


There is branch of astrology called as "Medical Astrology" which deals with health related issues of people. It is a proven diagnostic tool for speedy recovery and lasting cures.

If a persons is aware of his disease in advance, he can take precautios at the beginning and hence lead a happy and healthy life.

Our expert medical astrologer can analyze your horoscope and determine bodily weaknesses/strengths and proneness to any disease and its state and any nutritional deficiencies. In case of any illness or diseased, our expert medical astrologer will use predictive methods to determine the severity and how much time disease will take to be cured.

Our expert astrologer analyzes horoscope of a person provide advice regarding which types of ailment the person will will suffer and which body part is mostly likely to have problem.

We will provide following information in our Medical / Health Astrology Report:

  •   Astrologer will analyze future diseases with timings of these diseases.
  •   If a person is already suffering from any disease, we will provide information when the disease will be cured or how much time it will take. Also if the disease is cureable or not if there is any major illness?
  •   Will provide your Remedies for health issues if there is any.
  •   Food / Ayurvedic Herbs which are helpful to decrease the illness.